Engineer Agha Waqar: National Hero or Fraud?

Engr Agha Waqar!

Yes! You heard it right.A Pakistani engineer, Agha Waqar Ahmed claims that he has succeeded in running a car with distilled water as a fuel.Agha Waqar is a Pakistani engineer who holds a diploma and a degree from Government College of Technology Khairpur, Degree is not recognized by PEC (PAKISTAN ENGINEERING COUNCIL) as a engineering degree. The middle aged man has been working on his project for the past 3 years.His “water kit” has been running successfully for more than a year now. The water kit he and his coworkers have made is a small device attached in the car that separates the hydrogen from water and supplies it to the engine.

Agha done it through the process of electrolysis with distilled water as a electrolyte.Well,It doesn’t seem legit to me as distilled water itself is a good insulator and that’s why we can use distilled water between the plates of a capacitor as the dielectric constant of distilled water is of such value.Even a student from Matric can state it with certainty.

Secondly, Hydrogen gas as stated by Agha’s coworkers is most powerful gas ever and it is highly combustible but another hurdle is there is no metal in the world to resist the agonizing heat produced by burning hydrogen.

Thirdly, Agha states that device only use 1% of Battery’s power but I know as a engineering student that water electrolysis needs constant source of electricity to get the nascent hydrogen in the end.And If the battery is constantly engaged,we probably have to replace the battery after every ten days which isn’t a good idea.

Forthly, I will go with the arguments of Dr. ATTA UR REHMAN. According to the Pakistani scientist (a) the device does not fulfill the criteria of Law of Conservation of Energy as the energy taken from the battery is not enough to run a car for about 40km and a bike for 150 km and even a train.Oh, don’t tell me  (b) allowing its operation as a perpetual motion machine is a befooling approach, say like living in a fool’s paradise so it’s a sheer nonsense.

Now,lets suppose that agha is a genius enough to invent water kit but then he is not the new one as we all know Agha is not the first one to work on this kind of a project. Many scientists from around the world have been working on running a car on water. Stanley Meyer, an American, made the water fuel cell and claimed that his apparatus can run any automobile through water. However, he was declared fraudulent by an Ohio court in 1996. He died mysteriously after dining in a restaurant on March 21, 1998. According to an encyclopedia, conspiracy theorists insist that he was poisoned to suppress the technology, and that oil companies and the United States government were involved in his death.

In 2002, Denny Klein, again an American, claimed a similar innovation and applied for a patent that claimed he had discovered a new property of water, naming it HHO instead of H2O. Surprisingly, Agha has been found using the same term in one of his interviews. Denny could not proceed much in his discovery, but it is evident that he used water to make a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gas, the two gases that constitute water.

The Japanese have been working on similar projects too, a company named Genepax did the same and failed in 2009. The cause of their failure is not known as they did not reveal their technology.

Daniel Dingel of Phillipines and a Srilankan scientist once made the same kind of apparatus but never came into limelight. Daniel and many others were subject to fraud cases and were snubbed immediately.

Lets Come towards tweets that are pointing towards the serious concerns.


So now instead of oil we’ll be importing barrels of Aab-e-Zamzam? #WaterKit


Some where in my heart I hope this #Waterkit fails, sort of capitalist world we live in, if this succeeds water price wld also be 90/litre.

These are the issues like water shortage plus this also puts geopolitical disputes over water into further focus.

And a tweet that shows how illiterate our politicians are when it comes to science and technology.

@KESCwala: #waterkit “pani mai H2O hota hai, so pressure double” Khursheed Shah, Min Religious affairs

In conclusion, I want to pray that may God help us make the right and helpful Products and to do inventions which can serve the humanity.


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