Mubashir Luqman: The copy cat!

Mubashir Luqman in the Leaked Video in a Show with Malik Riaz and Mehr Bukhari

My last post was also on Mubashir luqman. People ask me why it is always Mubashir luqman? I don’t know why I always capture “drop the ball” by Mubashir Luqman.It is said that “Once a cheater always a cheater”. Same is the case for Mubashir Luqman , as you know, his planted show with Meher Bukhari was out on the social media curtains. So miffed was people with this video as this video punctured the trust bag of people on media. After the video went viral , the channel broadcasting the show fired Mr. Mubashir luqman where Meher Bukhari stayed with her “cross fire”. Now this time luqman dropped another catch as he came back on Ary News with a show having plagiarized promo. Yes! a Plagiarized promo, a copy of a indian ad featuring brijesh chauhan (Onwer of .Chauhan calls himself a INTP , May be Luqman calls himself the same. The video of this ad is present on YouTube with the name “I am an Enterpreneur“.The promo of Luqman’s show is out.Not only the visualization but also the words spoken by chauhan and Luqman are also same. The promo has length of 0.56 s featuring Luqman saying in urdu:

Main kisi waderay ki aulad nahin,

Na kisi goray k title zada khandan ka chashm-o-charagh,

 aur na hi kisi zarmaya dar ka ghulam,

 qismat mujh per mehrban,

Zindagi mein kuch kar guzarnay ki khohish jagi,

 Manta hun,

 logon ne mera mazak uraya,

 mein data raha,

 Khawabon ki takmeel k leye,

 soch ka azad hona bohut zarori hai,

 meri jadojehad jari hai,

 Chahay koi rokay,

mustarad karay ya meri awaz ko dabanay ki koshish karay,

 Mein ne har nahin mani,

Mein aek aam admi ki awaz hun,

 Mein ne hamesha Umeedon k beaj boye hain,

 Mein hun mubashir Luqman!”

The words delivered by Luqman are not more a castle of straw. Creating extra hype for a thing which obviously like the normal talk show. Again the same guests of Political parties having different tastes than each other, cooked together in a burning dish.

Whereas Chauhan video (length 1:02) is in English in which chauhan saying

I wasn’t born to be a middle manager, a middle man or middle anything.
Ambition has kissed my chicks and she has whispered dreams in my ears; even so, I confess my dreams has been laughed at, and I, I love frowning back.
I believe great things aren’t created by free people but men who are slaves to their ideas. I belong to my idea. And though I may be rejected, dejected or interjected, I won’t be denied.
I am the harvester of opportunities, I am an Entrepreneur.”

As you see , both videos have the same concept. This is the same Luqman who did a show on Pakistanis channels copying content from Indian channels and shamelessly showing them on their channel. But now he copied an Indian ad for his ARY show. Luqman is the man of words, not of deeds as he abuse one thing and embrace that thing after couple of days. On one side, He exposes the corruption of Punjab govt. on laptop scandal with his false allegations  and on the other hand, his own corruption of doing a planted show for money was out. Not only Mubashir luqman is responsible for it but also the media grope who wants to take a controversial person to run their TV channels and make their TPR with this dirty tactic. Shame on every channel that just want to get TRP while respect, self esteem and cultural values at stake. I think porn industry is better than Pakistani media industry, I look at porn industry as a prospective decent career option, and at least it would be honest and unapologetic. The policy of our media turns out to be sell religion, sell sex, sell women, sell your pathos, sell poverty, sell your soul. It is gross and disgusting and it is like prostitution. May God Bless us from this all dirt and May God Help us find the solution of every corruption salt which becomes part of our routine!


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