Mubashir Luqman, why can’t you appreciate something good?

Last week, Mubashir Luqman conducted a show in which he revealed the corruption of the PML-N’s laptop distribution scheme.

The videos of the show went viral on YouTube.

People admire Mubashir Luqman because of his thorough research, but I’ll be straight here – I actually like his show because it is in favour of the PTI.

In the past, when Luqman spoke about the MQM, nobody liked him. But since he is now against the PML-N and his allegations are in great favour of the PTI, he has turned into a national hero.

Let’s come to the allegations levelled by Luqman at the PML-N. Being an engineering student who was fortunate enough to get a 90%  in my FSc exams, I too got a laptop with a 15 month warranty (battery included) and an original “Targus” bag.

Targus bags are expensive, as you will realise if you venture into the market to buy one. An ordinary Targus bag costs about Rs2,000, while good ones can cost even more than that. Moreover, an ordinary Dell laptop has a warranty of about 12 months, excluding battery life, but the Punjab government offered a 15 month warranty with the the battery included.

Luqman also stated that Dell laptops given by Shahbaz Sharif have the Chinese (pirated) version of Windows installed on it. As a student of engineering, I can state with certainty that the Operating System (OS) in Shahbaz Sharif’s laptops is not Windows, rather it is an open source Linux called Ubuntu. For students, it is a far better option than Windows. One can change its code according to preference, because it is an open source OS, meaning its code is easily available.

I remember the days when Ubuntu was launched and I was in the 8th grade. Ubuntu was sending free CDs of their Linux (Ubuntu) OS in order to promote the software. I also received 150 CDs and distributed them amongst my friends and family. I found it to be a very functional OS, free from Trojans and other malwares. Most people know that Linux has a lower chance of being affected by viruses and spyware.

In conclusion, the laptops distributed by the PML-N are good, and they have all the things that a good laptop should have. Having said that, I do think that instead of a laptop scheme, some Information Technology (IT) centres should be established in order to promote such education in Pakistan.

In any case, I would like to repeat that the laptops distributed by PML-N were of top quality and not of poor quality. I would also like to make one thing very clear here. I am not writing this post because I am a PML-N supporter. However, I do think that good things should be appreciated. If we support false claims just for the sake of loyalty to a particular party, the people who have done the good deed may be discouraged and not repeat their actions.

I believe that we should be good Pakistanis first and good political supporters later. We need to support positive actions instead of dividing the nation into different parties. If tomorrow the PTI does something good for Pakistan, I will praise them with all my heart. Just like I am praising the PML-N for their noble distribution of laptops amongst students – laptops which were not defected and were not a scam.


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