“Shabash Pakistan” to invoke sense of Responsibility in Youth

 ISLAMABAD:  “Shabash Pakistan” held at NUST-12 in collaboration with “NUST Bazm-e-Pakistan”. The initiative is taken by SOL (School of Leadership) to invoke sense of Responsibility in youth and together discover the direction to fuel out youth’s motivational energy in a positive and constructive way. The programme also intends to help figure out the problems in our society and their causes through interactive debate sessions.

Umair Jaliawala, the trainer from SOL started the session themed as (me – I) means what an individual should do to bring positive and constructive reforms in the society. It is unique idea because a person is smallest unit of a nation and has the power to contribute towards the society and then towards a better nation. Jaliawala kept a good interaction with audience and kept them motivated by quoting personalities like Abdul sattar Edhi and Dr.Abdul qadeer khan. Jaliawala also said that we as highly motivated nation need to turn our energy in a direction where it can find permanent felicity and he also added that we can do it by creating “PEACE not Pieces”.

The session also involves group discussion and team building to help find youth their spark. The session ended with a discussion and action planning in which each participant was answerable. “SOL” and “NUST Bazm-e-Pakistan” also aim to conduct more such session in the future which are highly helpful for defensible growth, viable development and sustainable nation building.


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