NUSTians to Attend the National Assembly session (18th December 2012)



NUSTIANS Group Photo!

Written By Syed Muhammad Danish (


Yesterday, A study trip was arranged for NUSTians to attend the National Assembly Session under the guidance of principal SEECS Arshad Ali.The Initiative is taken by Faculty Member Farah Naz to invoke sense of Responsibility in youth and together discover the direction to fuel out youth’s useful energies in a constructive manner.The programme also intends to help figure out the problems in our system and society on the biggest National Forum.
We arrived the National assembly 11:00 am sharp.We entered calmly into the hall and took our seats.The commencement of session took place with the recitation of Holy Quran.The Deputy Speaker National Assembly Mr. Faisal Karim Kundi called the attention notice .Some notable Personalities were Mr. Farooq H. naiq ,Ms. Khushbakht Shujaat and Syed Khursheed Shah.
There was couple of bills introduction, motions and Resolutions that are worth mentioning.

A: MS. YASMEEN REHMAN to invite attention of the Minister for National Heritage and Integration to a matter of urgent public importance regarding sale and auction of precious Gandhara artifacts in Western Museums, causing grave concern amongst the public.


B: MR. RIAZ FATYANA, to move for leave to introduce a Bill to redress the acid throwing and burn crimes, which are increasing year by year and hundreds of women and children fall victim to this horrendous crime [The Acid Throwing and Burn Crime Bill, 2012].
C: DR. NAHID SHAHID ALI to invite attention of the Minister for Water and Power to a matter of urgent public importance regarding overcharging the consumers in monthly electricity bills for over three years in Karachi, causing grave concern amongst the public.


The best part of attending the session was that we were seeing the people from whom we expect a change and it was giving us motivation to be the part of change and leading us to that elusive goal of better tomorrow .As I am of the opinion that to be a part of system, we have to see the flaws in the system. Only then,we will be able to devise a plan to solve the problems and eradicate flaws in the system. The few students who were saying that the session will be tedious for  them also showed up with the change in their opinion that they enjoyed the session and such session should be conducted by every university . By attending the session, people say that we learnt how government matters are resolved  ?  and How easy is to criticize the politicians from outside the Hall?

The session helped youth leaders from NUST to examine the process of National Assembly debate more closely and hence, many of them took inspiration from their favorite leaders.
The session ended with a discussion in the Cafeteria of National Assembly and action planning in which each participant was answerable. “NUST – SEECS” also aim to conduct more such session in the future which are highly helpful for defensible growth, viable development and concrete nation building.



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